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Education, Health, Transport, Agriculture, Law Enforcement, Disasters and Conflict, Data Security and Civil Liberties



Education, Health, Transport, and Agriculture

Autonomous Cars, Trucks and Buses: Safety, Privacy, Mobility, Jobs K. G. Greene

Classroom Surveillance Technology: Privacy, Precision, Responsible Use Nazmus Saquib

Digital Rights of Children Velislava Hillman

Chatbots and Communication Automation to Improve Public Services and Rights Judith Mariscal

The Future of Traditional Plant-based Medicines John de la Parra

Law Enforcement, Disasters and Conflict

Privacy Implications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Smriti Parsheera

Facial Recognition and Surveillance Kade Crockford

LiDAR for Natural Disaster and Catastrophe Management Jose Balsa

Automated Identification of Related Documentation for War Crimes Investigation Shabnam Mojtahedi

Online to Offline: Economy, Reputation, Free Speech and Violence

Government Use of Persuasive Technology David Ramsey

Internet Intermediaries and Civil Liability: Models of Regulation, Freedom of Expression, and Privacy Caio César de Oliveira

Deepfakes Jenn Halen

Data Security

Secure Data Resources Alex Pentland


Greene’s broad, multi-industry and government experience includes technical, legal and policy work for the U.S. Departments of Energy, Defense, Justice and Homeland Security, the U.K. House of Lords, NRDC Asia, and Ropes & Gray.

Greene has written decision making algorithms for autonomous car navigation, terrorist tracking and Hollywood animation, been interviewed by the Economist, the BBC and Forbes China, testified at the MA state legislature, and published in machine learning, policy and science journals. Greene’s AI and governance work with government clients, MIT Media Lab, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Law School, Harvard Berkman Klein Center and Partnership on AI has included developing best practices for AI and ethics in government, universities and industry, advising governments on AI and AV strategy, policy and risk and facilitating collaboration across and between governments and diverse stakeholder groups.


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